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Some quotes about sound
November 2, 2006, 4:49 pm
Filed under: Major Project

I’m currently reading a book called ‘An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing: Fourth Edition’ by Brian C.J. Moore. I’m still on the first of 9 chapters, which is about the nature of sound and te structure and function of the auditory system.

I’ve got a couple of quotes that may or may not be useful for potential experiments that I might carry out.

“In fact the average human absolute threshold at 1000Hz is about 6.5dB SPL (when listening with one ear). Sometimes it is convenient to choose as a reference level the threshold of a subject for the sound being used. A sound level specified in this way is referred to as a sensation level (SL). Thus, for a given subject, as sound at 60dB SL will be 60dB above the absolute threshold of that subject for that sound.”

“White noise has a uniform spectrum level. Another type of noise that is sometimes used in auditory research is called pink noise. This has a spectrum level that decreases by 3dB (corresponding to a halving of noise power density) for each doubling in frequency.”

This is from a book, as I said, so if somebody involved with the book wants these quotes removed then please email me and I’ll do it immediately.


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