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Jeff Wall
December 5, 2006, 12:59 pm
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One thing that interests me in my ‘what is personal space?’ project is paths obviously created against those set out. These are everywhere; one that particularly got me thinking about it was in the Rodin Museum gardens in Paris where the laid out path went all the way around the outside of a sparse hedge and past the toilets to get to a statue, but plenty of people had obviously decided to take a short-cut through the hedge and it had come to resemble a path itself. A local example is in town next to The Good Companion. It simply cuts a corner and has become a well-used footpath.

I think this picture by photographer Jeff Wall demonstrates this abnormal human-creation of paths quite nicely:

Jeff Wall's Crooked Path


Some space notes
December 5, 2006, 12:49 pm
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Some notes I made on my space project the other day, just for reference:

1st step – long open shutter photography of people in a normal busy open space – mall? university?

2nd step – sheepdog trials. can people be ‘herded’ using subtle personal space violation? capture on video/more photography. do the paths change?


personal space studies
path creation – natural/abnormal
jeff wall – crooked path
photo from rodin museum
photo of path by voodoo/maplin

herding and dispersal

2 experiments:
1. can people be herded in a public area using personal space violation?
2. how do people disperse when personal space is violated?
objective: ‘what is personal space?’