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Path Trails – Final Video
March 26, 2007, 3:16 am
Filed under: Production of Space

This video is a response to the module regarding the Production of Space. It traces the paths of shoppers in the Drake Circus centre in Plymouth, UK in an attempt to visualise the directional choices we make and show how they are affected by what we consider to be our ‘personal space’.

The slow motion aesthetic is based on the work of Canadian video artist Bill Viola and was created using DynaPel’s ‘Slow Motion’.


March 6, 2007, 11:35 am
Filed under: Major Project

Instead of speakers I’m going to use headphones in the experience to make it more immersive as there will be no outside noise. The best way to do this will be to use wireless headphones (something like this – not sure if bluetooth is the best technology to use though). The ones on the market come with their own dedicated transmitter and I don’t have the money to buy or the expertise to create a load of extra transmitters so I will have to control the sounds from one central source and use sensors to detect the location of the person in the room. I will look into what kind of sensors but I assume either motion or pressure pads on the floor. Motion would be better really as I want the floor to feel normal, infra-red beams could work but I’d ideally like the room to be divided into segments. If possible I’d even like to have these segments overlap so that as you move between them the sounds overlap. I think this is completely possible to do in software, most likely MAX/MSP. So the application is going to be more integral than I thought but that’s fine and should actually make the whole thing a bit smoother, I just need to develop it further.

I also like the idea of the room being dark. This should make the ‘user’ concentrate more on the sound and not be affected by what they see. I’ll need to make the room injury-proof though.