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The Official Project Abstract
May 10, 2007, 10:18 pm
Filed under: Major Project

Research and evolving technology are allowing a new breed of sound design to develop. This involves sounds, both within and beyond the range of human auditory perception, that can affect our physiology.

Below the range is infrasound, a type of sound we cannot hear, but feel. It can be found in many situations such as seismic activity, running engines, and even some animal noises, and is being researched for such applications as non-lethal military and policing weapons. Infrasound is known to cause physiological effects including dizziness, tension, nausea and even hallucinations. In some cases, it has been attributed as the cause of the uneasiness experienced in supposedly haunted locations.

Sounds within our hearing range can also have an effect on the human physiology. There have been reports that sounds between 20Hz and 140Hz can aid bone growth and the healing of fractures and it has been suggested that cats purr primarily for this reason (their purr resonates at 25Hz or 50Hz and occurs when they are injured or close to death).

It is also claimed that binaural beats, which occur when either ear is presented with slightly differing frequencies, can synchronise brainwaves, inducing a state of apparent intoxication without the damaging chemical effects of drugs. These are already being used recreationally and are potentially a useful tool in drug rehabilitation.

This auditory experience shows the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of these developing techniques, using pre-existing sounds from each field of research. It allows you to explore an interactive soundscape of noises that will become integrated into the soundscape of our society as the technology improves and sound design becomes reintegrated with visual design at a level that hasn’t been commonplace since the Industrial Revolution.