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Folk Culture
October 17, 2006, 2:11 pm
Filed under: Critical Context - Culture Industries

Today’s guest speaker in the Culture Industries was the Principal Arts Officer from Plymouth City Coucil. He talked about the council’s involvment with local art projects and scemes and raising the standard of living and potential for the creative industries through the improvement of presence and awareness of ‘culture’, which he used primarily as a term for High Culture/High Art.

This got me thinking more about local culture in a broader definition. I am particularly interested in folk culture, i.e. the cultural and social activities of local people; what they do for recreation and their ‘creative industries’, by which I mean industries that have built up around or are reliant on this local culture. I’m also very keen on folk music and it’s roots. Perhaps this could be an avenue to explore on a specifically local basis, even specifically local to a few selected places.